(To create your own portraits, install WoG and do another minor modding. - 0.23f)

A. WoG Installation
B. Custom Portraits
* Portraits Index
C. Modification of objects in map
D. Music - stereo fix, own music
E. Own objects - tools compendium
F. Game Notes - gamefun hints
G. INDEX of CHEATS (for mapmakers)

A. Installation:
* HoMM3 Complete and WoG 3.58f are reported to be running well under Vista, use win98 compatibility mode if needed.
* No problems with running WoG with the Ubisoft release either. But you may need to create 'games' and 'random_maps' folders manually in main game directory, since Ubi forgot them.

WoG 3.58f is still the latest version, with this script update. 1)
(WoG 3.59 development is still pursued, don't be afraid.)

When installing WoG 3.58f turn attention to:
* that you have Homm3 Complete or fully updated set of RoE + AB + SoD. It will work without AB however - lacking the Conflux.
* that you will install it into copy of your Homm3 folder, for better control over your files
* that you switched your local settings to English (Control Panel > Regional Options > General - Your Locale) before the installation began
* that there are no errors or missing elements after installation - if there are, check archive integrity in winrar or other rar capable archivator and probably re-download.
* do not pay attention to installation routine indicator, it's known to be lazy in its job.

WoG 3.58f addon offers:
* No-CD executable
* Creating almost any conditions for filling the quests via ERM
* Control of the game engine by ERM (bear in mind, still with some limitations)
* Simply ERM smile_teeth
* Archers can move and attack instead of only firing, harpies can move and strike without return
* Units can gain experience, which can be modified - it's an independent script
* Transfer object to any player
* Commander on battlefield, so even armyless army can now be a deadly foe
* Karmic Battles - to provide an extended challenge, fighting neutral monsters with their helpers and heroes
* Adventurer Cave - to speak with wise Hermit and get double strike or fight in labyrinth
* Full control over allowed spells, new artifacts and all new possibilities.
* That's enough to this abstract. :p

Rare side-effects:
* Script errors
They may occasionally strike. Fortunately, they are under constant development. In the future there will be WoG 3.59 and Horn of the Abyss - which will be less script dependent and more new units/towns oriented. It will also feature bridge. Passable bridge, although it is possible to script it in current WoG too.
* Stumped AI
Not much can be done with the AI, it's an inheritance from Homm III. Still, it will be dealt with in the scope of the VCMI project, which also provide playing WoG in windowed mode, independent of your desktop color depth.


B. Portraits:
You can change portraits as you wish. Here is the recipe:

Do two portraits, one small with 'hps' prefix and one big with 'hpl'.

Dimensions Colours Format
58x64 less than 256 pcx
48x32 less than 256 pcx

Rename them accordingly by the index 2) and put them into the Heroes3\Data directory.

That isn't all, for small portraits is good to create 1px wide black frame to keep them the same as they are in the game, resedit 3) will fool you, because it will extracts portraits shifted by 1px.
To prevent appearing graphical artifact in the game, play a bit with a colour palette table. Here's an easy rule to follow, the first colour in the table must not be used in the portrait. Otherwise it should be fine.

If you are working with images within Photoshop doing crop and save, you probably don't need to bother with all this cooking. A colour table from Photoshop in that case is usually accepted (never checked, but palette from whole image should be transferred to your crop, with a high chance of getting one empty colour on its start and that's what we want).

WoG 3.58f is fully capable to run like standard HoMM III game when kept more objects and units, and you can control all its elements from the "Scenario Selection" menu "Wogification" suboption, which is in gold letters positioned right up. NB! It must be there, so if it's not, re-install!

Forgotten Heroes Portraits Thread:
(Heroes III Complete only, but it can be easily modifed for WoG as a whole patch)

UndeadHalfOrc Balance Patch Thread:
(Heroes III. Complete only)

1) http://wog.celestialheavens.com/en/download/main/data/ic_206/36/
2) the text index is attached in this file, URL to sheets will be added later
3) http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/wakeofgodsmaparchive/ or somewhere else

HEROBIOS.TXT - stored heroes biographies
HOTRAITS.TXT - quantity of starting stacks under hero and names!
(the names will come into effect after restart, portraits will come into effect after one turn plus visiting town to reload the small one)
HCTRAITS.TXT - probability for gaining the skill
HEROSPEC.TXT - description to heroes specialty
ARTRAITS.TXT - right-clicking provides description, value of artifact, and placement in hero doll
SPTRAITS.TXT - spell values, names, descriptions
GENRLTXT.TXT - general messages
HALLINFO.TXT - a few messages like 'This town cannot build that structure' etc..

*If you want to change skills characteristics, such as making Mysticism more powerful, please visit this thread:
(It does require hex editing of heroes3.exe file)


Orrin - 000kn - Archery - NS - Leadership, Archery
Valeska - 001kn - Archers - NS - Leadership, Archery
Edric - 002kn - Griffins - NS - Leadership, Armorer
Sylvia - 003kn - Navigation - NS - Leadership, Navigation
Lord Haart - 004kn - Estates - NS - Leadership, Estates
Sorsha - 005kn - Swordsmen - NS - Leadership, Offense
Christian - 006kn - Artillery - NS - Leadership, Tactics
Tyris - 007kn - Cavaliers - NS - Leadership, Tactics

Rion - 008cl - First Aid - Stone Skin - Wisdom, First Aid
Adela - 009cl - Bless - Bless - Wisdom, Diplomacy
Cuthbert - 010cl - Weakness - Weakness - Wisdom, Estates
Adelaide - 011cl - Frost Ring - Frost Ring - Advanced Wisdom
Ingham - 012cl - Monks - Curse - Wisdom, Mysticism
Sanya - 013cl - Eagle Eye - Dispel - Wisdom, Eagle Eye
Loynis - 014cl - Prayer - Prayer - Wisdom, Learning
Caitlin - 015cl - +350gold - Cure - Wisdom, Intelligence

Mephala - 016rn - Armorer - NS - Leadership, Armorer
Ufretin - 017rn - Dwarves - NS - Resistance, Luck
Jenova - 018rn - +350gold - NS - Advanced Archery
Ryland - 019rn - Dendroids - NS - Leadership, Diplomacy
Thorgrim - 020rn - Resistance - NS - Advanced Resistance
Ivor - 021rn - Wood Elves - NS - Archery, Offense
Clancy - 022rn - Unicorns - NS - Resistance, Pathfinding
Kyrre - 023rn - Logistics - NS - Archery, Logistics

Coronius - 024dr - Slayer - Slayer - Wisdom, Scholar
Uland - 025dr - Cure - Cure - Advanced Wisdom, Ballistic - :3
Elleshar - 026dr - Intelligence - Curse - Wisdom, Intelligence
Gem - 027dr - First Aid - Summon Boat - Wisdom, First Aid
Malcolm - 028dr - Eagle Eye - Magic Arrow - Wisdom, Eagle Eye
Melodia - 029dr - Fortune - Fortune - Wisdom, Luck
Alagar - 030dr - Ice Bolt - Ice Bolt - Wisdom, Sorcery
Aeris - 031dr - Pegasi - Protection from Air - Wisdom, Scouting

Piquedram - 032al - Stone Gargoyles - Shield - Mysticism, Scouting
Thane - 033al - Genies - Magic Arrow - Advanced Scholar
Josephine - 034al - Golems - Haste - Mysticism, Sorcery,
Neela - 035al - Armorer - Shield - Scholar, Armorer
Torosar - 036al - Artillery - Magic Arrow - Mysticism, Tactics
Fafner - 037al - Nagas - Haste - Scholar, Resistance
Rissa - 038al - Mercury - Magic Arrow - Mysticism, Offense
Iona - 039al - Genies - Magic Arrow - Scholar, Intelligence

Astral - 040wz - Hypnotize - Hypnotize - Advanced Wisdom
Halon - 041wz - Mysticism - Stone Skin - Wisdom, Mysticism
Serena - 042wz - Eagle Eye - Dispel - Wisdom, Eagle Eye
Daremyth - 043wz - Fortune - Fortune - Wisdom, Intelligence
Theodorus - 044wz - Mages - Shield - Wisdom, Ballistic
Solmyr - 045wz - Chain Lightning - Chain Lightning - Wisdom, Sorcery
Cyra - 046wz - Haste - Haste - Wisdom, Diplomacy
Aine - 047wz - +350 gold - Curse - Wisdom, Scholar

Fiona - 048hr - Hell Hounds - NS - Advanced Scouting
Rasha - 049hr - Efreeti - NS - Wisdom, Scholar
Marius - 050hr - Demons - NS - Advanced Armorer
Ignatius - 051hr - Imps - NS - Tactics, Resistance
Octavia - 052hr - +350gold - NS - Scholar, Offense
Calh - 053hr - Gogs - NS - Archery, Scouting
Pyre - 054hr - Artillery - NS - Artillery, Logistics
Nymus - 055hr - Pit Fiends - NS - Advanced Offense

Ayden - 056dm - Intelligence - View Earth - Wisdom, Intelligence
Xyron - 057dm - Inferno - Inferno - Wisdom, Scholar
Axsis - 058dm - Mysticism - Protection from Earth - Wisdom, Mysticism
Olema - 059dm - Weakness - Weakness - Wisdom, Ballistic
Calid - 060dm - Sulfur - Haste - Wisdom, Learning
Ash - 061dm - Bloodlust - Bloodlust - Wisdom, Eagle Eye
Zydar - 062dm - Sorcery - Stone Skin - Wisdom, Sorcery
Xarfax - 063dm - Fireball - Fireball - Wisdom, Leadership

Straker - 064dk - Walking Dead - Haste - Necromancy, Resistance
Vokial - 065dk - Vampires - Stone Skin - Necromancy, Artillery
Moander - 066dk - Liches - Slow - Necromancy, Learning
Charna - 067dk - Wights - Magic Arrow - Necromancy, Tactics
Tamika - 068dk - Black Knights - Magic Arrow - Necromancy, Offense
Isra - 069dk - Necromancy - Magic Arrow - Advanced Necromancy
Clavius - 070dk - +350gold - Magic Arrow - Necromancy, Offense
Galthran - 071dk - Skeletons - Shield - Necromancy, Armorer

Septienna - 072nc - Death Ripple - Death Ripple - Necromancy, Scholar
Aislinn - 073nc - Meteor Shower - Meteor Shower - Necromancy, Wisdom
Sandro - 074nc - Sorcery - Slow - Necromancy, Sorcery
Nimbus - 075nc - Eagle Eye - Shield - Necromancy, Eagle Eye
Thant - 076nc - Animate Dead - Animate Dead - Necromancy, Mysticism
Xsi - 077nc - Stone Skin - Stone Skin - Necromancy, Learning
Vidomina - 078nc - Necromancy - Curse - Advanced Necromancy
Nagash - 079nc - +350gold - Protection from Air - Necromancy, Intelligence

Lorelei - 080ov - Harpies - NS - Leadership, Scouting
Arlach - 081ov - Artillery - NS - Offense, Artillery
Dace - 082ov - Minotaurs - NS - Tactics, Offense
Ajit - 083ov - Beholders - NS - Leadership, Resistance
Damacon - 084ov - +350gold - NS - Advanced Offense
Gunnar - 085ov - Logistics - NS - Tactics, Logistics
Synca - 086ov - Manticores - NS - Leadership, Scholar
Shakti - 087ov - Troglodytes - NS - Offense, Tactics

Alamar - 088wl - Resurrection - Resurrection - Wisdom, Scholar
Jaegar - 089wl - Mysticism - Shield - Wisdom, Mysticism
Malekith - 090wl - Sorcery - Bloodlust - Wisdom, Sorcery
Jedite - 091wl - Resurrection - Resurrection - Advanced Wisdom
Geon - 092wl - Eagle Eye - Slow - Eagle Eye
Deemer - 093wl - Meteor Shower - Meteor Shower - Wisdom, Advanced Scouting - :3
Sephinroth -094wl - Crystal - Protection from Air - Wisdom, Intelligence
Darkstorn - 095wl - Stone Skin - Stone Skin - Wisdom, Learning

Yog - 096br - Cyclops - NS - Offense, Ballistics
Gurnisson - 097br - Artillery - NS - Offense, Artillery
Jabarkas - 098br - Orcs - NS - Offense, Archery
Shiva - 099br - Rocs - NS - Offense, Scouting
Gretchin - 100br - Goblins - NS - Offense, Pathfinding
Krellion - 101br - Ogres - NS - Offense, Resistance
Crag Hack - 102br - Offense - NS - Advanced Offense
Tyraxor - 103br - Wolf Riders - NS - Offense, Tactics

Gird - 104bm - Sorcery - Bloodlust - Wisdom, Sorcery
Vey - 105bm - Ogres - Magic Arrow - Wisdom, Leadership
Dessa - 106bm - Logistic - Stone Skin - Wisdom, Logistic
Terek - 107bm - Haste - Haste - Wisdom, Tactics
Zubin - 108bm - Precision - Precision - Wisdom, Artillery
Gundula - 109bm - Offense - Slow - Wisdom, Offense
Oris - 110bm - Eagle Eye - Protection from Air - Wisdom, Eagle Eye
Saurug - 111bm - Gem - Bloodlust - Wisdom, Resistance

Bron - 112bs - Basilisks - NS - Armorer, Resistance
Drakon - 113bs - Gnolls - NS - Armorer, Leadership
Wystan - 114bs - Lizards - NS - Armorer, Archery
Tazar - 115bs - Armorer - NS - Advanced Armorer
Alkin - 116bs - Gorgons - NS - Armorer, Offense
Korbac - 117bs - Serpent Flies - NS - Armorer, Pathfinding
Gerwulf - 118bs - Artillery - NS - Armorer, Artillery
Broghild - 119bs - Wyverns - NS - Armorer, Scouting

Merlinda - 120wh - Weakness - Weakness - Advanced Wisdom
Rosic - 121wh - Mysticism - Magic Arrow - Wisdom, Mysticism
Voy - 122wh - Navigation - Slow - Wisdom, Navigation
Verdish - 123wh - First Aid - Protection from Fire - Wisdom, First Aid
Merist - 124wh - Stone Skin - Stone Skin - Wisdom, Learning
Styg - 125wh - Sorcery - Shield - Wisdom, Sorcery
Andra - 126wh - Intelligence - Dispel - Wisdom, Intelligence
Tiva - 127wh - Eagle Eye - Stone Skin - Wisdom, Eagle Eye

Luna - 000el - Fire Wall - Fire Wall - Wisdom, Fire Magic
Pasis - 000pl - Psychic Elementals - NS - Artillery, Offense
Brissa - 001el - Haste - Haste - Wisdom, Air Magic
Thunar - 001pl - Earth Elementals - NS - Estates, Tactics
Ciele - 002el - Magic Arrow - Magic Arrow - Wisdom, Water Magic
Ignissa - 002pl - Fire Elementals - NS - Artillery, Offense
Labetha - 003el - Stone Skin - Stone Skin - Wisdom, Earth Magic
Lacus - 003pl - Water Elemental - NS - Advanced Tactics

Inteus - 004el - Bloodlust - Bloodlust - Wisdom, Fire Magic
Monere - 004pl - Psychic Elementals - NS - Logistic, Offense
Aenain - 005el - Disrupting Ray - Disrupting Ray - Wisdom, Air Magic
Erdamon - 005pl - Earth Elementals - NS - Estates, Tactics
Gelare - 006el - +350gold - Dispel - Wisdom, Water Magic
Fiur - 006pl - Fire Elementals - NS - Advanced Offense
Grindan - 007el - +350gold - Slow - Wisdom, Earth Magic
Kalt - 007pl - Water Elementals - NS - Tactics, Learning

Adrienne (Fire Witch) - 000sh - Inferno - Wisdom, Expert Fire Magic
Boragus (Duke Winston Boragus - Barbarian) - 001sh - Ogres - NS - Tactics, Offense
YoungChristian - 002sh - OP
Dracon (Wizard) - 003sh - Upgrade Magi and Monks to Enchanters - Haste - Advanced Wisdom
Gelu (Forest Guard Ranger)- 004sh - Upgrade Archers and Wood Elves to Sharpshooters - Leadership, Archery
Kilgor (Barbarian)- 005sh - Behemoths - NS - Advanced Offense
Lord Haart (Undead Black Knight) - 006sh - Black Knights (+5A, +5D, +10dmg) - Slow - Advanced Necromancy
Mutare (Overlord) - 007sh - All Dragons (+5A, +5D)- Magic Arrow - Estates, Tactics
Mutare Drake (Overlord) - 008sh - All Dragons (+5A, +5D)- Magic Arrow - Estates, Tactics
Roland (King Roland, Knight) - 009sh - Swordsmen - NS - Leadership, Armorer
Catherine (Queen Catherine, Knight) - 128qc - Swordsmen - NS - Leadership, Offense
Kendal - 129mk - OP
Sir Mullich (Knight) - 130kn - +2 speed to all - NS - Advanced Leadership
Xeron (Demoniacs) - 131dm - Devils (+4A, +2D, +1sp) - NS - Leadership, Tactics
Ordwald - 132dl - OP
Finneas Vilmar - 133nc - OP
Young Gem - 134nc - OP
Young Sandro - 135wi - OP
Young Yog - 136wi - OP

Nagash - hplz0001 - Cover of Darkness - the rest is identical to original Nagash


Knight 2211
Cleric 1022

Ranger 1311
Druid 0212

Alchemist 1122
Wizard 0023

Demoniac 2211
Heretic 1121

Death Knight 1221
Necromancer 1022

Overlord 2211
Warlock 0032

Battlemage 2111
Barbarian 4111 NS

Beastmaster 0411
Witch 0122

Planeswalker 3111
Elementalist 0033 NS

Table Order: Hero Name - Portrait Number - Specialization - Starting Spell - Starting Skills - Extra Note
ADPK - Attack, Defense, Power, Knowledge
sp - speed
dmg - damage
OP - Only Portraits
:3 - This hero has three starting skills
Sorting order is first might and then magic heroes with exception of Conflux. It's going for portrait numbers.



C. Modification of objects in map
With use of 'Object Editor' (courtesy of GrayFace), it is possible to change appearance of many objects in the game, turn them into decoration or cut a path through the forest. These are all very handy options. This editor is SoD compatible and it's working with older versions too (without newer objects of course).
* static objects should be replaced by static objects (practically all variations possible, e.g. 'Gate to The Underworld' to 'Hole' or inactive 'Teleport' to 'Sign' or 'Scholar' to 'Demon' (P.S: units are also static objects).
* objects having flag should be replaced again with flaggable objects, in that case the colour will be passed on
* no matter how, you cannot create bridges, but you may dig a more effective tunnel in the the underground
* no flying ship, forget it
* 'Events' cannot be made non-passable
* seems that appearance of the town can be changed to many things but not into 'non fort' version
* there may be a problem with heroes, I didn't test it but it's probable
* you may customize passability for every object
* any object can be turned into decoration by setting a flag 'part of background' and optionally removing the trigger tile
* objects placeable terrains can be changed (e.g. 'Teleport' on water, or 'Favourable wind' as a decoration over your castle - i.e. stacking objects)
* Extra objects:
Old Gnoll's Hut avgnoll (good pic for Seer's Hut)
Swamp Campfire ADCFRA0
Market of Time AVXmktt0
Unused objects(blank - no graphics): AVA0142; AVA0143; AVA0144
- these were meant for the combination artifact 'Diplomatic's Suite', which should had been assembled from 'Ironfist of the Ogre' and 'Mired in Neutrality' parts. Artifacts are mentioned also in 'multiparted' defs.

* The object editor is integrated within wogmappatch.

D. Music:
No problems. It's recommended to recode the music with lame codec, keep same parameters like for music in the game (mp3, CD quality, joint stereo, vbr, any size).

If you wish to get the stereo and better sound quality,there is a patch created by Narzoul, take a look here:
===> http://www.celestialheavens.com/homm3/patches/mss32.zip

How to install:
1. Go to your Heroes 3 installation directory.
2. Rename the file "mss32.dll" to "mss32old.dll".
(Make sure you are renaming it correctly - the patch will need this file to work. Small caps recommended.)
3. Copy (extract) the "mss32.dll" file from the zip in the same directory.

E. Own Objects (tools)
You will be needing the following tools for extraction, 'Resedit' or 'Bitlib' or 'h3lod'. 'Defpreview' and/or 'Defview' - also called 'Defmaker' for working with def sprites, game animations. Defview can convert def files to bitmaps and back, and it's having special wizard for creating units. As you convert def files into normal images, strip a colour table from them, but first check ten colours; these will be obligatory (shadows, transparency). Result will be indexed image, 256 colors max.

The created def file must be paired with msk - mask file. That's easy, it's sufficient to get one from lod file from the object of the same dimension, rename it and place back. No other reason. Mask file is only defining the borders of the object. Both objects must be placed back to the lod archive, placing them in the data folder will not work, that future is only for files from h3bitmap.lod (pictures, fonts, texts)

Generally modifying of game animated objects is not good; the game doesn't like that. Also, sometimes, after modification problems can arise with lod indexes (typically after using 'Resedit', that problem is random crash in the game or missing resource that you never touched), so they must be recreated (a good idea is to avoid resedit and use other editor for inserting def files).

Other useful modification tools are 'Object text editor' for changing text files, properties (note: not all text files modification will have an effect, some are only descriptors for game functions, a good example where it's having effect is 'ctraits.txt' - where you can change units' numbers but not abilities or 'cranim.txt' - for changing the speed of unit's move on the battlefield, see 6) ). And 'Object editor' for changing appearance of objects into the maps or edit passability. Don't forget the wog 'Map editor patch' though wink

6) These are different for each game version. There should be traits examples in bb6 or wogmaparchive, see below.

* More guides for units modification:

* All tools can be obtained from:
(new WoG homepage)
http://www.wogforever.narod.ru (russian site)

* Pure WoG FAQs:

* ERM helpful threads:

* Modifying skills directly
(Enhance Mysticism, Tweak Logistic etc...)
Here's a help how it can be achieved with a bit of hexediting.
Check Celestial Heavens HI-IV section.


F. Game Notes

Demon's Rising:
One Pit Lord can raise maximum 1.4 demon for every 35hp of died allied stack.
Example: 10 Pit Lords can raise 14 Demons from the dead stack of 123 Familiars
+HP artifacts have boosting effect here

Archangel's Resurrection:
One Archangel can revive for 100hp. First revived units must be fully revived (i.e. even 2 Archangels can not revive 1 Titan.)
+HP artifacts have hindering effect here.

Faerie Dragon's casting:
They are casting offensive direct damage spells lvl 1-4, Armaggeddon is excluded.
They are casting on Advanced Level (bonus is calculated once per stack) with power 5 per dragon.
1FD - Fireball - dmg 80 (30+5x10)
2FD - Fireball - dmg 130 (30+2x5x10)
3FD - Fireball - 180 (30+3x5x10)
1FD - Magic Arrow - dmg 70 (20+5x10)
1FD - Frost Ring - dmg 80 (30+5x10)
3FD - Iceball - 320 (20+3x5x20)
2FD - Iceball - 220 (20+2x5x20)
1FD - Iceball - 120 (20+5x20)
1FD - Lightn. Bolt - dmg 145 (20+5x25)
2FD - Lightn. Bolt - dmg 270 (20+2x5x25)
1FD - Inferno - dmg 90 (40+5x10)
2FD - MeteorShw - dmg 300 (50+2x5x25)

Press F to place the spell. Spell offered first and after wait phase could differ.
(Unfortunately doesn't always work.)

Magic Plains
All spells are working at master level; that means not only yours, but if there is a curse coming from Dread Knights, the entire enemy army is cursed as well.

Dwarven Treasuries
Effect is cumulative, two treasuries means double interest (2x10%).

Mighty Gorgons Death Stare
10% chance per MG. The chances are calculated per MG. That means, if you have 5MG, you are asked five times with a 10% probability. So the probability is applied sequentially; one after another.

Qurqirish Dragon's longer comment on MG:
The chances of getting at least one kill by a death stare is the same regardless of how the MGs are broken up. What splitting the stack does is increase the MAXIMUM number of kills a stack can get. This is because the number of kills a stack of MGs can cause is up to 10% of the stack size, rounded up. Thus 22 MGs can kill up to 3 creatures, but two stacks of 11 can each kill up to 2 (for a total of 4). That's why efficiency increases. Generally, once you have around 40 MGs, you are very likely to earn more kills than the 10% level, and so splitting helps.

As for the number of kills a stack gets on average, you can look up the expected value and standard variation of a binomial random variable with p=0.1

For those not mathematically inclined, you get, on average, 1 kill for every 10 MGs (as you would expect), and about 84% of the time you will get between (# MGs)/10 - 0.3*sqrt(#MGs) and (# MGs)/10
So, with a stack of 100 MGs, you will get between 7 and 10 kills 84% of the time.

Master Genies
are friendly(Aquaris?) spell casters. Over others they have in book Cure, Dispel, Fire Shield and Magic Mirror but not Animate Dead or Resurrection.

By default all spells cast by creatures will last for fine 5 turns and would be on Advanced Level.
(Master Genies)

Dispel is the only spell which can affect all Dragons.
(e.g. against rooting)

Fear and Aging are both 5th lvl spells (the same goes for Titan's Lightning Bolt).

Petrifying and Poisoning are 3rd lvl spells, both will last for three turns. Stoned creature will take only half damage when attacked. Rooting and Death Stare cannot be prevented (so be careful with Harpies).

Disrupting Ray can be cast multiple times, increasing the effect - which cannot be cancelled by no other way than a death. (Cure, Dispel, Antimagic would not cut it here)

Casting Antimagic on units with mix of bad and good spells will conserve only good ones. Additinal casting would be prevented* - with exception of Dispel (*Expert Earth Magic don't assure anything here).

Expert Dispel can puff out of your way mines, quenchs, firewalls and withers quicksands.

Ressurect will strip unit of all spells. Good or bad, live or death!

Psychic/Magic elementals keep some additional attack bonuses, which don't work against units with mind, namely Giants, Titans or spell immunity - Black Dragons.

Dead bodies pilled up before the gate will force draw bridge to jam.

Sharpshooter's Bow ensure to deal a full damage at any distance.

Minotaurus always have the superior morale.

Stoning, Petrifying, Poisoning, Rooting and Aging are all sins belonging to Earth Magic.

Want your unit move again? Use Dispel at chance.

Full poisoning effect is equal to Aging. And dispel can get you rid from both of them.

Undeads are immune to Blind/Curse regarding the odds, but you can lift it off for the trio of Berserk, Hypnotize and Frenzy.

All Elementals are and aren't immune to Magic Arrow.
(bug - it's determined when the game start)

In Tactics phase eschew marching over the trench, it does hurt!

Cyclops can thrust over their adjancent enemies to break down the fortification even further.

Every hero is different!
(It could be more than just a skills/starting skills combination? )

Being a Diplomat, you can visit Library of Enlightement prematurely, the Estates however will not impress the local Librarians.

Morale won't line with Undeads, most is +3 Morale/Luck, Luck probabilities are halved against the exclamation in the help file. Luck works best with Death Knights. Negative Luck was removed by JVC hard hand, however randomly you can encounter it in an original and pre version of Armageddon's Blade.

Badge of Courage supplies you with high amount of strongwill, that can completely surpass any kind of mind-based spells. A true bargain, one would said.
(It does provide immunity to Blind, Hypnotize, Berserk and Frenzy, but not Fear. Because even stones can be feared! - Handily the Orb of Vulnerability can nullify the extraordinery Badge effects.)

The Azure Dragons possess magical immunities which luckily do not overcome the wisdom of an experienced mage.

Artifact occupied by Leprechaun can be bought or otherise took by Wisdom or beer, cough, cough called Leadership this time.
(This event was removed with patches. You will met it in pure RoE or AB. Leprechauns can bid for artifacts or other band may occupy the artifact and refuse to give it up until you have Wisdom or Leadership.)

Hypnotized units will not ajar a door for you any longer, but hey, they still will fight, shoot and spellcast!

Any merchant knows that the Cavaliers are free to upgrade in Stables.

The outside Trade Market exchange rate is equal to five town power.

Here cannot be presented over 48 towns on one map.

"Summoned Elementals battles"
Who will first untie from an elemental struggle, tho will certainly survive it to the next day.

The hero who defended your town only with a help of summoned may stay. But it's far from being a rule. Check your tavern in any case.

"AI Ally"
If you help defend your AI ally in his town, you risk finding yourself without your artifacts afterwards. Backpack is your safest bet.

AI vs AI fights are not fair, sometime the stronger is defeated with an eye twich by a wrong calculus. Behold the power of a corrupted math.

You are not deceived by your eyes seeing a hero wandering shamelessly by himself.
Come here and let collect the joy.

The AI can bring you a Grail if you will be kind on her.

With Oasis around you can make a whole land trip in just a one day.

As quill is more powerful than a sword, so an unit can travel further than any hero.

Don't miss your chance for victory, grab and use only what you really need.

Speed is life, life is speed.
(~Sir Mullich)

The Dimension Doors can shorten your way also above the Ocean.

There is a special tool for map makers, which brings you hidden objects and allow them to be customized.

"Imprisoned: Rion the cleric. Convicted of: Too much a goodygoody. Sentence: Life"
--Serpent's Treasure


(use solely for testing purposes, gamemodding, mapmaking)

nwcagents Ten Death Knights in each cage
nwclotsofguns Gives hero all war machines
nwcneo Raises hero one level
nwctrinity Five Archangels in each cage
nwcfollowthewhiterabbit Maximum good luck
nwcnebuchadnezzar Unlimited moves
nwcmorpheus Maximum morale
nwcoracle Opens the map with main Artefact
nwcwhatisthematrix Reveals whole map
nwcignoranceisbliss Covers the whole map into shroud of darkness
nwctheconstruct Gives 100,000 gold and +100 each resource
nwcbluepill Game Over
nwcredpill Victory
nwcthereisnospoon Gives 999 mana and all spells
nwczion Gives all constitutions


nwcphisherprice Changes colour in game
gosolo Switches Human to Computer, not excellent, but acceptable for testing (fe passability)
/nwcgrail Run the game with this switch to get the cheat menu, works only for singleplayer

WoG cheats are attached in folder Documentation/mapmaking something... wink

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