Forgotten Heroes

The aim of this project is to provide background for Wake in the Gods Add-On and bring into the game some new juicy faces and eventually a balance elements - it's on you, what you will pick. The current beta version is only SoD or Complete compatible as a whole patch, if you would like to see the portraits in WoG copy just them.

It serves on the battlefield: About forty new portratis (replacements and bonuses), accompanied with bios. Spell balances making Expert Haste and Slow more mana costy, Earthquake more costy and powerful, it's empowering Hypnotize spell and pump more mana into Town Portal, Fly and Dimension Doors spells.

Installation: Extract to your data folder, if it would happen that you stopped to liking it, just remove the files. Nothing else is modified.

More heroes portraits
Guide to do a one yourself.
A small insight in what fh brings. One of featured h2 - game veterans and forerunners. One of previous versions - ancestor ;).